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What/Who is/are tekxus?

We are a team of enthusiastic, creative, experienced, certified, and well trained Professionals who can skillfully design, redesign, and develop various kinds of IT platforms.

What is Branding and Brand Message?

We once got a client on a social media platform. He needed a logo design for his brand and so We sent him our creative brief. On receiving his response to our creative brief, it was evident that he had not established a message he would want to communicate to his audience about his brand. With growing awareness about the need for a brand identity and what’s in a logo, most businesses have begun to seek for good logo designers.

How do I build a community around my Brand?

The most common aphorism about team work is “Together Everybody Achieves More”. It tends to embrace in us the essence of team work and value for one another. An even more striking saying is “You don’t have a team because you don’t have a dream” and I concur. A dream is what it is because it’s not yet in existence and depending on how big it is cannot be pushed by one man.

How can Digital Marketing grow my business?

There are so many digital marketing techniques and the advantage you would have had by using digital marketing metrics is that, you will know which technique works for you and the ones that don’t.

So instead of abandoning or disregarding them, here are some questions you should be answering and spice ups to make that digital marketing strategy work.

Is Offline Marketing still relevant?

When you intend having brand advocates and turning clients into family, there should be a level of intimacy between your brand and your clients and that’s where offline marketing comes into play.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

There’s a whole lot of information on virtually anything you can think of. So, just as you implemented several strategies to come out tops before, there are a whole lot of things that you can do to come out first when a topic relating to you is searched for on a search engine. This is what search engine optimization (SEO) is about.