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Whoever came up with the popular phrase “follow who know road” wasn’t just mincing words or throwing together alphabets, he understood the importance and consequence of following one who hasn’t walked the path before.

Erondu Nonso a.k.a. TheCyberKing, is the Founder, Tekxus Communications.
Over the years he has worked with several multinational companies, helping them integrate their business to the online space, and also creating infrastructures that increases work force productivity.

He studied Industrial Chemistry at the University of Port Harcourt.
He has also served in various capacities including leadership positions in some students driven entrepreneurial organization and business enterprises.

Why Learn with Us

We are into Full stack development for all platforms and have mastery in several programming languages.

With over 8years of working experience in the tech world, working with several sectors and niches, at different companies and serving in various capacities, in such a short time, we have mastered so many tech skills ranging from:

  • 1. Web design
  • 2. Mobile app development (IOS and Android)
  • 3. Business intelligence and analytics
  • 4. Operations optimization
  • 5. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • 6. Social media management
  • 7. Web app design
  • 8. Database management system (Structured and unstructured database),
  • 9. API development
  • 10. Server management and infrastructure
  • 11. Front end and back end development
  • 12. Cyber security
  • 13. Web hosting infrastructure
  • 14. Software architecture and analysis
  • 15. Programming
  • 16. Cloud infrastructure etc and more

Our Students over the Years!

We have also mentored several students across the country and most of them are spread across several sectors doing their bit in digitalizing those sectors.

Now in partnership with The Teachers Advocate, we have cooked you the easiest ways to get into the tech and profit from it in no time, with The Profitable Techie’s Course.


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