Brainstorm Montessori School history dates back to September 2022 when it started off as a Montessori school offering Nursery, Primary and Secondary education.

We look at our history with pride and affection but we also look forward with eager anticipation to the challenge of meeting the current educational needs of children growing up in the global village of the 21st century.

Our Vision is To provide value driven education that engenders brilliant & responsible individuals that will emerge confident, competent & cultured global citizens.

Our Mission is To create a safe, caring and exciting learning environment where personnel engage students to help them achieve their potentials and build a solid foundation for lifelong learning.



  1. Providing information:
    A Montessori school website can provide information about the school's curriculum, teaching philosophy, admission process, and faculty.
  2. Engaging parents:
    A website can be used to engage parents and keep them informed about their child's progress, upcoming events, and school news.
  3. Increasing enrollment:
    A website can attract new families to the school by showcasing the benefits of Montessori education and highlighting the school's unique features.
  4. Enhancing communication:
    A website can serve as a communication channel between the school and its stakeholders, including parents, students, faculty, and the wider community.
  5. Providing resources:
    A website can provide resources for parents, such as articles on parenting, educational research, and community resources.
  6. Showcasing the school:
    A website can showcase the school's facilities, faculty, and student work, providing a window into the school's culture and values.

Brainstorm Montessori School Features

Here are some of the features of the project:

  • Enhanced Communication.
  • School Resources.
  • Admission Procedure.