Merit Coop is a financial platform that offers access to savings and loan opportunities as well as Banking services. Merit Coop offers access to low-risk loan opportunities with high flexibility of repayment.

Merit Coop operates under Merit Cooperative Multipurpose Society targeted at offering access to savings and loan opportunities to corporate individuals by developing valuable propositions in Africa and ensuring the financial security of millions of people across the continent. The company offers flexible repayment options that you can add to your portfolio and grow savings too. Merit Coop has proven to be committed to providing a balanced financial solution and diversified portfolios that enable its customers to achieve their financial targets.



After multiple sessions with the team from Meritcoop in breaking down the scope, we started development.

It was easy deciding the frameworks to use. The goal was to enable their database that was projected to be over 5 thousand, easily access their dashboard and monitor their savings with the ability to request for loan as they need.

Included is also ability for the administration to perform certain task online including performing specific analysis and reports.


MeritCoop Features

Here are some of the features of the project:

  • Savings - Flexible, Longterm.
  • Loan with flexible interest rates.
  • Funding and Wallet.
  • Easy Withdrawals.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Database Management System.