We carry on, manage, supervise and control the business of transmitting, manufacturing, supplying, generating, distributing and dealing in electricity and all forms of energy and power generated by any source whether natural gas (NG), nuclear, steam, hydro or tidal, water, wind, solar, hydrocarbon fuel, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas( LNG) or any other form, kind or description.

We carry on in Nigeria and Sub Sahara Africa the business of establishing, commissioning, setting up, operating and maintaining electric power transmission systems/networks, power systems, generating stations based on conventional/ non-conventional resources for evacuation, transmission, distribution, trading or supply of power through establishing or using stations.



After multiple sessions with the team from Energy Operations in breaking down the scope, we started development.

It was easy deciding the frameworks to use. The goal was to enable their database that was projected to be over 5 thousand, easily access their dashboard and monitor their savings with the ability to request for loan as they need.

Included is also ability for the administration to perform certain task online including performing specific analysis and reports.


Energy Operations Features

Here are some of the features of the project:

  • Easy Quotation and Invoicing.
  • Project Business Services.